Essence of Learning: An approach to foster and sustain children’s ability to learn in times of crisis

Location: Gaza


The Essence of Learning (EoL) approach looks at the relationship between learning and psychosocial well-being. It aims to revive the learning capabilities of children, through an accelerated learning approach that addresses their root psychosocial
challenges, to prepare them for successful re-integration into school. 

EoL starts teaching these children at a lower level than is indicated by their age, in an innovative manner using everyday recyclable materials, that engages their interest in the content being taught and accelerates the pace to get them to their age appropriate level, in a minimal amount of time.

In Gaza, the EoL is conducted through a structured 10 weekprogramme, with one entry and one exit week, thus totalling to a 12 week-course. It was designed with the aim to reach a lot of children and to guide them back to their former learning ability after acute crisis in a short time.

90-94% of the children could master the regular school curriculum after visiting the EoL 10-week-programme.