Ideas Box: Access to information and education in emergency situations

Location: Kavumu Refugee Camp, Burundi


Ideas Box provides access to education and quality information via a mobile, field ready, high quality, safe and attractive learning space. A humanitarian response device for access to information, education and culture, Ideas Box is a portable media
centre that unfolds on 100 square meters.

The contents of the Ideas Box are always customised to the needs of the local population, taking into account the spoken languages, the needs and cultures of community partners.

After a year of development in Burundi that provided valuable insights and lessons, Libraries Without Borders has begun to scale the Ideas Box, in partnership with local or international NGOs operating in emergency and post-conflict situations. These
NGOs are operating in multiple different sectors in addition to education such as psychosocial support, protection, livelihoods and health. Together with Libraries Without Borders, they designed programmes for the local communities that include the use of the Ideas Box to integrate cultural mediation and access to information
and education as a tool to reach their objectives.

Students who were taught by their usual teachers within the Ideas Box showed on average a 23% higher progression rate than students who did not benefit from the Ideas Box and studied in a classic school setting.

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