Learning and Empowerment for Adolescents in their Neighbourhoods (LEARN)

Location: Turkey

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LEARN aims to meet out-of-school refugee youth in Turkey ‘where they are at’, both in terms of work schedule and isolation. The intervention consists of four central components: i) individual instruction, ii) peer groups, iii) tablets with curated software, and iv) caregiver information sessions.

The design of the programme fills a significant gap, reaching vulnerable adolescents who are otherwise unable to engage in formal or non-formal education. The flexible design allows for instruction on a schedule when, and in a location where, students
are available. Tablets can be used offline and in the student’s own time.

After two cohorts of the LEARN project, end-line data and assessments show that learners made significant gains in math, English, Arabic, and Turkish. LEARN was effective at re-engaging out-of-school adolescents in learning and increasing their interest and willingness to re-enrol in formal education.