Join us as we discuss emerging themes in refugee education at CIES 2018 in Mexico City

The theme of this year’s conference is Re-mapping Global Education. As we’ve seen through our work, our conversations with colleagues in the sector, and in world events over the last few years, it’s certainly time to reflect on what global education is, and what it can achieve. With 3.5 million refugee children out of school, there’s a clear message that we need to reach for education that is flexible and inclusive at a local level, but is also acknowledged around the world and on a global scale. Education is for everyone.

We have two panels at this year’s CIES conference focusing on refugee education. The first looks at pathways for getting children into quality education, and the second focuses on innovation in the field. Details on the sessions and where to find us are below.

We invite you to join us, to participate in our discussions, and to share your own experiences and thoughts with us at these events, or at

Pathways to getting all refugee children into quality education

Tuesday, March 27, 5:00-6:30pm, Hilton Reforma, 4th Floor, Don Julián

Join Sarah Dryden-Peterson (Harvard Graduate School of Education), as she chairs a varied talk on the state of refugee education around the world, and what opportunities and mechanisms are emerging as we push for a step change in getting all refugees access to quality education. She’ll be joined by:

  • Emma Wagner, Save the Children will discuss the persistent challenges and emerging opportunities in trying to close the refugee education gap, as well as the case for global and national action.
  • Ana Belén Anguita Arjona, UNHCR will share experiences about integrating refugees into national education systems, alternative pathways, and the crucial question of funding.
  • Anna-Maria Tammi, Global Partnership for Education will talk about how GPE works with governments to include refugees in national education sector plans.  
  • Charlotte Bergin, Save the Children will share new research   from Indonesia and Thailand on the barriers refugees face in accessing learning opportunities.

Promising Practices in Refugee Education: Learning from Innovations in Refugee Education

Thursday, March 29, 1:15-2:45pm, Fiesta Inn Centro Histórico, Room B

Charlotte Bergin (Save the Children), leads an exciting discussion on innovation in refugee education. She’ll be joined by speakers from organisations who have contributed case studies and experiences to the Promising Practices in Refugee Education initiative. Together they’ll discuss emerging practices and replicable models and recommendations that are causing a shift in how we see access and provision of refugee education. Our speakers are:

  • Danijel Cuturic, Relief International presents lessons in non-formal education and innovation to build and nurture youth-centred creativity, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership in Jordan.
  • Mary Mendenhall, Ed.D. & Jihae Cha, Teachers College Columbia will discuss the Teachers for Teachers programme – looking at competency-based, continuous teacher professional development for refugee teachers in Kenya.
  • Tatjana Ristic, Save the Children shares lessons from Programme on the Move and its development and implementation of innovative and flexible participatory educational programmes for children in transit, in Serbia.


You can find the full CIES programme here.