Non-formal education programming: enabling refugee children to enrol and integrate into the formal certified education system

Location: Lebanon


Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) provided non-formal education programming to Syrian refugee and host community children over a four-year period, using a 3-phased
approach: 1) Education in Emergencies 2) Structured non-formal education programmes aimed at reintegrating children into the certified public education system. 3) Support to formal education. The programme provides a sense of normalcy, protection and selfreliance, and to establish pathways to certified formal education. 

From 2013 to 2016, NRC enrolled 42,454 refugee and host community children in their non-formal education programmes. In all phases, NRC’s holistic education approach included:

  • Facilitating the integration of children in school through a comprehensive approach that matches learning and academic skills with psycho-social and recreational support and life skills training.
  • Involving parents and the wider community through awareness/information sessions aimed at increased engagement of parents in the learning and development of their children at school.
  • Supporting teachers and school personnel in adopting child-centered and inclusive approaches inside the classroom.
  • Creating a safe and conducive learning environment.

Assessment data following the implementation of Basic Literacy and Numeracy in the South of Lebanon in 2016, showed that 76% of the children who attended classes, successfully enrolled in formal public education.