Social Innovation Labs

Location: Jordan


Social Innovation Labs (SIL) is a unique programme of creative hang-out space for adolescents that enables them to propose and implement solutions for social issues in camps. SIL aims to develop 21st century skills and empower adolescents.

Taking a broad definition of education, with a focus on building competencies such as real-life problem-solving, teamwork, and creative trouble-shooting the SIL approach has provided an equitable platform for young people to apply both formal education
skills and those they have developed outside of the school environment.

The two-stage, competitive format has proven effective in generating collaborative and innovative projects that more efficiently address the growing social needs in refugee camps.

SIL are a catalyst for further innovation within the camps and bring opportunities to the camp – essential in a context where formal employment and freedom of movement are strictly limited. Having a skilled cadre of young people with strong leadership skills attracts further investment and interest from the development and private