Programme on the Move – development and implementation of innovative and flexible participatory programmes for children on the

Location: Serbia

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The aim is to overcome the gap in provision of education opportunities for children on the move throughout Serbia, using a toolkit initially designed for Psychosocial Support (PSS). The programme developed “Boxes of Wonder” - a unique tool for conducting PSS and non-formal education activities, based on a participatory and child rights approach.

The boxes are designed as physical boxes (plastic and wooden boxes filled with materials and templates for activities) but also as concepts to work on, re-design and adjust to the needs of children, facilitators and to the physical space where the activities are being held. The boxes create a meeting space between children and field workers, offer materials, ideas and contents, and encourage dialogue, joint exploration and participation in activities.

The main change outcome, based on regular programme monitoring and evaluation is that children on the move exercise their right to education, regardless of the period of time they have for the activities or the amount of time they spend at certain location.

Field workers highlighted many positive changes in children’s behaviour, including increased motivation to learn, better confidence, improved self-awareness, and understanding of their rights and opportunities

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