Teachers for Teachers: Strengthening Support for Refugee Teachers

Location: Kakuma, Kenya


Teachers are at the heart of learning and yet receive limited support in refugee contexts. In response to this Teachers for Teachers provides competency-based, continuous teacher professional development. It is an integrated professional
development model that combines teacher training, peer coaching and mobile mentoring.

Teachers for Teachers provides the knowledge and skills necessary for teachers to make their classrooms protective, healing and learning environments. 

The training model consists of two tracks and utilizes the Training Pack for Primary School Teachers in Crisis Contexts: (1) a shortterm training conducted over a period of four days, consisting of 12 sessions in 23 hours; and (2) a long-term training that runs over several months, consisting of 18 sessions and 60 hours. Training takes place in the form of workshops where international and local staff lead in-person training sessions with cohorts of ideally 25-30 teachers. Topics for both training schedules include: Teacher’s Role and Well-being; Child Protection, Well-being and Inclusion;
Pedagogy; and Curriculum and Planning. Trainings are interactive, practical, and draw on local expertise in the Kakuma context. 

Teachers who participated in the Teachers for Teachers programme reported better preparation, higher confidence, a stronger sense of purpose—not just as educators, but also as advocates for child protection and positive discipline—and that they were more aware of useful practices that can be used in their classrooms.

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