Time to be a Child - Play, Learning and Child-Centred Development for Children Affected by the Syrian Crisis

Location: Jordan


Whilst there was a plethora of organisations providing informal education for displaced Syrian children, there are very few organisations working in Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD) in Emergencies. ‘Time to be a Child’ is a three-year project
that will deliver play, learning and child-centred development activities to children affected by the Syrian crisis in Jordan and Lebanon.

Psychosocial support, life skills, recreational activities and ECCD is be provided to children through a series of ‘safe spaces’. Psychosocial support is delivered to parents and caregivers, supporting the maintenance and creation of safe and nurturing
home environments. Child protection committees formed of local adults keep children safe and build awareness of child rights.

Positive Parenting sessions provides adults with the skills, knowledge and materials to continue educating their children outside of the classroom.

War Child UK has seen high attendance scores above 83% across the ECCD centres in Zarqa, Amman, Mafraq and Zaatari camp.

In Quarter 4 of 2017 War Child will undertake further research on best methods for child friendly feedback mechanisms to ensure accountability to beneficiaries throughout the project.