We Love Reading: Promoting Literacy and Education through Reading Aloud in Community Settings

Location: Jordan and Ethiopia

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We Love Reading is a programme that plants the love of reading within children by training adults to read aloud to children in a public space on a routine basis with books that are appropriate for children. The We Love Reading programme constitutes of
training local volunteers to hold read aloud sessions in public spaces in their neighbourhoods where books are routinely read aloud and exchanged with children.

Research has shown that 80% of children who attend We Love Reading reading aloud sessions have shown increasingly positive attitudes towards reading, and are more willing to go back to school because they associate reading with enjoyment. They are more empathetic because they learn about other cultures and people, and as a consequence perform better at school and become more confident.

We Love Reading is an effective and sustainable model because it is managed and owned by local volunteers who are part of the community, and know when and where is best to read to children. We Love Reading has influenced parent-child relationships by
building bridges of understanding and communication between the two generations through reading, simultaneously alleviating mental stress from trauma.

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