Two Schools in One: Management of high enrolment in refugee secondary schools

Location: Kenya


This approach uses secondary schools in an effective double shift model to accommodate more students. This is not just being done by using the existing resources but also better equipping the schools to ensure student success at the secondary level. It is having the catalytic effect of increasing enrolment in primary schools - more incentives for students if they know they have opportunities to progress.

The shared physical infrastructure includes classrooms, laboratories, kitchens, latrines, hand-washing facilities, libraries, reference books, ICT facilities, playgrounds, sports facilities and assembly grounds. The concept differs from the multi-shift system because the administrative and teaching staff changes completely from morning
to afternoon.

The introduction of the Two Schools In One approach in four secondary schools has doubled the intake from 2,558 to 5,118 students. This can be tracked in the EMIS data collected in 2016/2017, which reflects that a total of 2,411